The Process

  1. From the very get-go, we guarantee that you are a valued, important client to us. We aim to make the entire process a positive experience for you, and we hit what we’re aiming for.
  2. Once you’ve contacted us, Patrick will schedule an initial consultation with you. During this meeting, we’ll discuss what you have in mind, take a look at the property, examine some ideas and start to draw up some rough plans. Additionally, we’ll book you into our construction schedule. Of course, there is no obligation, and we never require a deposit to hold a slot. We just like to establish a tentative schedule. Generally, this first meeting takes about an hour, and is pretty exciting for everyone involved. It’s fun to start looking seriously at a landscape project.
  3.  Anywhere from 1-7 days following the initial consultation, depending on the scope of the job, we’ll get back to you with a design and an estimate for the installation. Often, we’ll produce 2-3 versions of the design/estimate, offering various options. The drawing itself could be a fairly simple sketch, or could be a full-color rendering with intricate detail.
  4.  At this point, if you’re happy with the direction things are headed, we’ll iron out the details of the design and bid, draw up and sign a contract. You still won’t owe a single penny yet for construction, but we’re confident that by now, you’ll be dying for the work to start.
  5. Finally, we’ll begin construction on your project, and the fun really begins. It’s entertaining to watch the progression of the job, particularly on days that a load of boulders or trees shows up! The actual construction process varies depending on the particular project. Typically, though, we start with excavation and grading, move to the hardscaping and underground work, followed by planting and mulching, finish grading and culminate with laying sod.
  6. Our rock-solid promise to you is that throughout the entire process, we will be accessible to you, attentive to your questions, honest and forthright. As changes and problems arise, we will address them immediately. At the end of the construction, Patrick will do a final walk-through with you, and your final payment is due only when you are totally happy with the project.



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